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Pre-Collegiate scholars, age 13 - 19, watch and learn web and mobile application development for end devices and prepare to make presentations during actual tech conferences and legitimate hackathons.

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Creating a website or a mobile app or putting together a robot is one of the most exciting ways for attendes to expand their horizons, spark an interest in computer science, and to create something from their active imagination.

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TAX-DEDUCTIBLE donations from individuals and corporate sponsors cover the costs of relevant prizes, snacks, lunch, and dinner at the annual event or expenses associated with after-school and summer offerings. Download Media Kit!

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Send any correspondence or packages to:

    Rauhmel Fox, CEO
    WHOmentors.com, Inc.
    101A Clay Street, #250
    San Franicisco, California 94111
    Email Rauhmel@WHOmentors.com
    Phone/SMS text 415-373-6767

Interested sponsors should note the teenagers plan all activities and conduct official or formal meetings under close supervision by Rauhmel Fox.

Whenever possible, the students prefer to visit your company in advance so they can learn the technology and present it to their peers in a format that makes sense to them.

Example: PayPal, Inc. hosted Teen Hackathon℠ overnight at its Town Hall in San Jose, California for 300 attendees.

Teen Hackathon℠ activites occur every week. The program is student-led and meetings are at 3007 19th Avenue in San Francisco, CA. Parents give consent for Rauhmel Fox to be the avuncular mentor of their kids.